Information for the public

Who will we see?

Your child will be cared for and supported by a multidisciplinary team (or MDT for short) of health and social care professionals working through the local child development service. The team should make sure that you and your child have a central role in making decisions about care, and work closely together to support your family and meet your child's needs. They should keep you involved when they contact each other so that you know what is happening, and keep your GP up to date about your child's care.

Professionals your child might see

  • A paediatrician (a doctor who works with children)

  • Other doctors specialising in different areas your child needs support with (see treatment and support for your child)

  • Nurses

  • A physiotherapist, who helps with movement and positioning

  • A dietitian, who helps with nutrition

  • A speech and language therapist, who helps with communication and swallowing

  • An occupational therapist, who supports people to carry out their everyday activities

  • A psychologist, who can help with emotion, behaviour and learning

  • A social worker

Questions you or your child may want to ask

  • What different professionals might we see and what support will they give us?

  • Who should we speak to if we have any questions or worries?

  • Where will we need to go for my child's treatment and care?

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