Drug misuse prevention: call for evidence

What we need

We need the following information for the guideline we are developing on drug misuse prevention:

  1. Which interventions (see scope section 1.3) are most effective and cost effective in preventing drug misuse among groups of people most at risk?
  2. How acceptable are interventions that people currently receive, and what interventions and support do people feel might be more effective?

We are particularly interested in evidence on the following population groups:

  • people involved in commercial sex work or are being sexually exploited
  • people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender
  • people not in employment, education or training (including children and young people who are excluded from school or are regular truants)
  • looked after children and young people
  • children and young people who are in contact with young offender team but not in secure environments (prisons and young offender institutions)
  • people who are considered homeless
  • people who attend nightclubs and festivals

We would like:

  • evidence published since 2005
  • unpublished evidence related to research since 2005, including any ongoing research or commercial in confidence information.

We cannot accept promotional material, non-evidence-based assertions of effectiveness or opinion pieces.

Sending information

Send only the details of published information (to include author/s, title, date, journal or publication details, including volume and issue number, and page numbers). Do not send a pdf/Word document or paper copy.

For unpublished information, send:

Highlight any confidential sections (unpublished research or commercially sensitive information) in unpublished information. For more details about this, see our guidelines manual.

Complete this form, including the declaration of any links with, or funding from, the tobacco industry. EmailDrugMisusePrevention@nice.org.uk  this form with any relevant information by 5pm on 07 September 2015

Send paper copies to:

Rukshana Begum

10 Spring Gardens




We look forward to receiving information and thank you in advance for your help.


This page was last updated: 06 August 2015