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2 Understand the guideline

2 Understand the guideline

To implement the guideline it will be important to be familiar with the NICE guideline on asthma. The guideline is available in a number of formats:

  • Short version: all of the recommendations, including diagnostic algorithms that provide a detailed visual representation of the recommendations.

  • Full version: the evidence underpinning the recommendations, which is useful to understand the rationale behind the recommendations.

  • NICE Pathway: an interactive visual representation of the recommendations and how they link with other related NICE guidance.

NICE has also published a number of resources to help support implementation of the guideline. These can be used in conjunction with this adoption resource and include:

  • A resource impact report and template, which help with assessing the resource impact at a local level in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

  • A baseline assessment tool for evaluating if practice is in line with the recommendations in the guideline. It can also help to plan activity to put the recommendations into practice.

  • A quality standard that supports those wanting to improve the quality of health and care services for asthma.

  • Three diagnosis algorithms in separate PDFs:

    • Algorithm A: Initial clinical assessment for adults, young people and children with suspected asthma.

    • Algorithm B: Objective tests for asthma in children and young people aged 5 to 16.

    • Algorithm C: Objective tests for asthma in adults aged 17 and over.

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