5 Recommendations for research

5 Recommendations for research

PHIAC recommends that the following research questions should be addressed. It notes that 'effectiveness' in this context relates not only to the size of the effect, but also to cost effectiveness, duration of effect and harmful or negative effects.

  • How effective and cost effective are the different components of an organisation-wide approach to promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of young people? (This includes activities to prevent negative behaviours such as bullying.) Specifically:

    • What effect do organisation-wide approaches have on health, educational attainment and crime rates in both the short and long term?

    • How should these outcomes be measured?

  • What elements of leadership and management are most effective at promoting social and emotional wellbeing using an organisation-wide approach? What competencies are required for effective leadership?

  • What methods and techniques enable secondary education establishments to work effectively with parents and carers to promote the social and emotional wellbeing of young people?

  • How does the type of professional and the setting impact on the effectiveness of organisation-wide approaches to promoting young people's emotional and social wellbeing? (This includes activities to prevent bullying.)

  • What is the prevalence of the different aspects of emotional and social wellbeing among young people in secondary education establishments in England?

More detail on the gaps in the evidence identified during development of this guidance is provided in appendix D.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)