Update information

Update information

July 2019: This quality standard was updated. Four new statements were added to the 2015 version, one statement from 2015 was updated and one was amended.

Statements are marked as:

  • [new 2019] if the statement covers a new area for quality improvement

  • [2015, updated 2019] if the statement covers an area for quality improvement included in the 2015 quality standard and has been updated

  • [2015, amended 2019] if the statement has been amended

  • [2015] if the statement remains unchanged.

Statement 2 (statement 1 in the 2015 version) has been amended to align with a statement on annual health checks in NICE's quality standard on learning disability: care and support of people growing older. It is marked as [2015, amended 2019].

Statement 4 (statement 3 in the 2015 version) has been updated and is marked as [2015, updated 2019].

A definition of behaviour that challenges has been added to the 2015 statements, in line with NICE's guideline on learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges: service design and delivery.

The 2015 quality standard for learning disabilities: challenging behaviour is available as a pdf.