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Update information

Update information

January 2023: Statement 3 has been removed to reflect the updated NICE guideline on hip fracture. The strength of the source recommendation has changed and the statement is no longer supported by the recommendation. The wording of statement 4, measures and supporting information were also amended to reflect changes to the source recommendation clarifying that reverse oblique fractures are not covered. References, data sources and links have been updated throughout.

May 2017: Statement 3 on intracapsular fracture has been updated to reflect changes to recommendations 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 in the NICE guideline on hip fracture. This is marked as [2012, updated 2017].

November 2016: This quality standard was updated and statements prioritised in 2012 were replaced.

Statements are marked as:

  • [new 2016] if the statement covers a new area for quality improvement

  • [2012, updated 2016] if the statement covers an area for quality improvement included in the 2012 quality standard and has been updated.

The 2012 quality standard for hip fracture is available as a pdf.