Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Ambulance services have specialist and advanced paramedic practitioners.

Statement 2 Adults who are admitted with undifferentiated medical emergencies are assessed and initially treated in an acute medical unit.

Statement 3 Adults admitted with a medical emergency have a timely consultant assessment and review.

Statement 4 Adults admitted with a medical emergency have a structured patient handover during transitions of care.

NICE has developed guidance and a quality standard on patient experience in adult NHS services (see the NICE Pathway on patient experience in adult NHS services), which should be considered alongside these quality statements.

During development of this quality standard intermediate care was considered because it provides an important alternative to hospital care in some situations. The quality standard on intermediate care including reablement should be considered alongside this quality standard.

Other quality standards that should be considered when commissioning or providing emergency and acute medical care services for over 16s include:

A full list of NICE quality standards is available from the quality standards topic library.