Update information

Update information

April 2016: The source recommendations and definitions for statement 6 on risk assessment – gestational diabetes have been updated to reflect changes to the NICE guideline on antenatal care in March 2016.

June 2015: This quality standard has been updated to ensure alignment with the NICE guideline on diabetes in pregnancy (NICE guideline NG3), which is a development source for this quality standard. The guideline on diabetes in pregnancy was updated in February 2015.

In particular, information in the definitions section of statement 6 on testing for gestational diabetes has been updated.

For more information about the changes to the diabetes in pregnancy guideline, see the update information section in the guideline on diabetes in pregnancy.

July 2013: Quality statement 7: Risk assessment – pre-eclampsia has been removed and is replaced by quality statement 2: Antenatal assessment of pre-eclampsia risk in Hypertension in pregnancy (NICE quality standard 35).