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Topic Expert Group and NICE project team

Topic Expert Group and NICE project team

Topic Expert Group

Jane Denton (chair)
Director, The Multiple Births Foundation

Sandra Bosman
Midwife for multiples, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Leanne Bricker
Consultant in fetal and maternal medicine, Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust

Paul Carroll
Assistant director of commissioning, Wigan Borough CCG

Gail Coster
Trainee consultant sonographer, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Jon Dorling
Consultant neonatologist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Joanna Fitzsimons
Midwife, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital

Greta Rait
GP, Clerkenwell Medical Practice

Keith Reed
Lay member, CEO, TAMBA – Twins and Multiple Births Association

Janet Wright
Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHSFT

Bridget York Mieres
Lay member, Fibroid Network Support Group

NICE project team

Dylan Jones
Associate director

Shirley Crawshaw
Consultant clinical adviser

Terence Lacey
Technical advisor

Rachel Neary
Programme manager

Alison Tariq
Lead technical analyst

Esther Clifford
Project manager

Liane Marsh