Quality standard

Update information

Update information

January 2017: This quality standard was updated by adding 3 new statements to the 2015 version. All statements prioritised in 2015 were retained.

Statements are marked as [2015] or [new 2017].

The 3 new statements were originally intended to form a separate quality standard on falls prevention. However, the statements have been combined with the 2015 statements so that there is a single quality standard covering prevention of falls and assessment after a fall.

Minor changes since publication

March 2022: The definition of fall in this quality standard has been updated to align with the definition in NICE's clinical knowledge summary on falls – risk assessment. Links to the College of Occupational Therapists' practice guideline Occupational therapy in the prevention and management of falls in adults and the National Patient Safety Agency's rapid response report on essential care after an inpatient fall have also been updated.