5 Recommendations for further research


Research is needed to compare the effectiveness, tolerability, acceptability to patients and costs of the different oxaliplatin plus 5-FU regimens in the adjuvant setting (particularly those that combine oxaliplatin with oral forms of 5-FU).


The optimum duration of adjuvant therapy is not known. Shorter duration might potentially reduce the costs, inconvenience, toxicity and risks of adjuvant therapy, but large trials are required to determine whether there is any reduction in efficacy.


There is a need for future cancer trial protocols of the adjuvant treatment for stage III (Dukes' C) colon cancer to incorporate more detailed resource data collection strategies and to report summary statistics that are of use within economic valuations. The degree of adherence to treatment particularly needs to be factored in. Trials should also collect data on changes in health-related QoL of participants, especially those related to adverse events.

Ongoing research (non-comprehensive list)


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