7 Appraisal committee members, guideline representatives and NICE project team

Appraisal committee members

The appraisal committees are standing advisory committees of NICE. Members are appointed for a 3-year term. A list of the committee members who took part in the discussions for this appraisal appears below. There are 4 appraisal committees, each with a chair and vice chair. Each appraisal committee meets once a month, except in December when there are no meetings. Each committee considers its own list of technologies, and ongoing topics are not moved between Committees.

Committee members are asked to declare any interests in the technology to be appraised. If it is considered there is a conflict of interest, the member is excluded from participating further in that appraisal.

The minutes of each Appraisal Committee meeting, which include the names of the members who attended and their declarations of interests, are posted on the NICE website.

Professor Andrew Stevens
Chair of Appraisal Committee C, Professor of Public Health, University of Birmingham

Professor Eugene Milne
Vice Chair of Appraisal Committee C, Director of Public Health, City of Newcastle upon Tyne

Professor Kathryn Abel
Institute of Brain and Behaviour Mental Health, University of Manchester

Dr Ian Bernstein
General Practitioner and Musculoskeletal Physician, NHS Ealing CCG

Mr David Chandler
Lay member

Gail Coster
Advanced Practice Sonographer, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Professor Peter Crome
Honorary Professor, Dept of Primary Care and Population Health, University College London

Professor Rachel A Elliott
Lord Trent Professor of Medicines and Health, University of Nottingham

Dr Nigel Langford
Consultant in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Acute Physician, Leicester Royal Infirmary

Dr Patrick McKiernan
Consultant Pediatrician, Birmingham Children's Hospital

Dr Andrea Manca
Health Economist and Senior Research Fellow, University of York

Dr Iain Miller
Founder & CEO, Health Strategies Group

Dr Paul Miller
Director, Payer Evidence, Astrazeneca UK Ltd

Dr Anna O'Neill
Deputy Head of Nursing & Healthcare School / Senior Clinical University Teacher, University of Glasgow

Professor Andrew Renehan
Professor of Cancer Studies and Surgery, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Claire Rothery
Research Fellow in Health Economics, University of York

Professor Peter Selby
Consultant Physician, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Matt Stevenson
Technical Director, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield

Dr Paul Tappenden
Reader in Health Economic Modelling, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield

Professor Robert Walton
Clinical Professor of Primary Medical Care, Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry

Dr Judith Wardle
Lay member

NICE project team

Each technology appraisal is assigned to a team consisting of 1 or more health technology analysts (who act as technical leads for the appraisal), a technical adviser and a project manager.

Chris Chesters/Anwar Jilani
Technical Leads

Nicola Hay
Technical Adviser

Lori Farrar/Stephanie Yates
Project Managers

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