What has NICE said?

Ticagrelor (Brilique) with aspirin is recommended. It is a possible treatment for adults who have had a heart attack and are at high risk of further heart attacks or strokes.

What does this mean for me?

If you have had a heart attack, and your doctor thinks that ticagrelor with aspirin is the right treatment, you should be able to have it on the NHS.

Ticagrelor should be available on the NHS within 3 months.

The condition and the treatment

Over time, fatty deposits (called plaques) can build up in the arteries. These restrict blood flow and increase the risk of clots, which can cause heart attacks (sometimes called myocardial infarctions) and strokes.

Sometimes, a plaque may detach from the artery wall and cause a blockage itself. Heart attacks and strokes that happen because of a plaque blockage like this are called atherothrombotic events.

Ticagrelor is a drug that helps to stop blood clots and plaques from forming.

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