Roche was invited to submit evidence for this single technology appraisal for alectinib in June 2016.

The company informed NICE that it would be difficult to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of alectinib in people who have had crizotinib. This is because the evidence base is a single arm, phase II clinical trial and the assessment of relative effectiveness would have to be based on naive indirect comparisons. Given this insufficient evidence and the availability of an alternative option, ceritinib, recently recommended by NICE, the company will not be submitting evidence for this appraisal.

The company stated that the evidence emerging from a trial directly comparing alectinib with crizotinib suggests that the value of alectinib to the NHS will be shown in people with untreated disease.

NICE has therefore terminated this single technology appraisal.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)