Nusinersen managed access agreement clinical eligibility criteria evidence review: timeline

.Step 1: NICE provides an outline of the evidence review objectives (to the Managed Access Oversight Committee)
October 2020 (complete)

Step 2: Review initiation
November 2020 (complete - evidence received by Biogen)

Step 3: External evidence review
December 2020 - January 2021 (complete)

Step 4: Clarification questions and responses
January 2021 (complete)

Step 5: Managed Access Oversight Committee (MAOC) review
March 2021 (complete)

Step 6: Stakeholder engagement
March 2021 (complete)

Step 7: Final briefing
NICE have confirmed the outcome of the evidence review via a news story

Step 8: Final recommendation publication
4 June 2021 (complete)

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