1 Recommendations

1.1 Peginterferon beta‑1a is recommended, within its marketing authorisation, as an option for treating relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis in adults.

Why the committee made these recommendations

Peginterferon beta‑1a is an established drug for relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis. There is clinical trial evidence showing that the drug slows disease progression and reduces the frequency of relapses when compared with placebo. There is also an indirect comparison suggesting that there are no differences in effectiveness when comparing peginterferon beta‑1a with its main comparators, that is, other beta interferons and glatiramer acetate. However, it involves less frequent injections than other beta interferons, so improves choice for people with relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis.

The cost-effectiveness estimates for peginterferon beta‑1a compared with other treatments for relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis, such as other beta interferons and glatiramer acetate, are in line with what NICE usually considers a cost-effective use of NHS resources. Therefore, peginterferon beta‑1a can be recommended.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)