5 Recommendations for further research


The trial literature is dominated by comparisons of differing frequency of use of fluticasone propionate (4 trials) and comparisons of mometasone furoate with more traditional twice-daily treatment options (3 trials).

  • Trials are needed to establish whether once-daily use of the older (twice-daily) products is equivalent to more frequent use.

  • Trials are also required to establish whether once-daily use of the older twice-daily products is equivalent to the once-daily-only products.

  • Trials are required for all the potency classes, in particular for mild potency preparations, because no trials examining frequency of application of topical corticosteroids exist for this group.


Robust trials are required that report quality-of-life data and patient preferences.


Long-term follow-up is required in trials to assess adverse effects such as skin atrophy.


The experts informed the committee that there was a lack of support for people with the condition and inadequate information about the management of atopic eczema and the risks associated with the use of topical corticosteroids. Research should therefore be conducted to establish the most suitable method of conveying high-quality information to people with atopic eczema.