Status Topic selection
Technology type Medicine
Decision Not selected
Reason for decision Not eligible for Health Technology Evaluation guidance
Further information In March 2024 the NICE Topic Selection Oversight Panel (TSOP), with membership from NICE, Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England, met to decide if the topic should proceed to guidance development. The panel utilised the selection and routing considerations within section 6.2 of the NICE health technology evaluation topic selection manual. There is a clear rationale to not select this medicine in line with section 6.2.1 of NICE health technology evaluation topic selection: the manual. Few people are eligible to have the technology and NICE guidance would not provide value for the NHS. Specifically, it is proposed that a new policy may be developed (in line with the other indication in this disease area commissioned through a clinical commissioning policy).
ID number 6272

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