Status Topic selection
Technology type Medicine
Decision Not selected
Reason for decision Not eligible for Health Technology Evaluation guidance
Further information Decision makers have concluded that this technology will not progress as a potential technology appraisal or a highly specialised technology. This decision follows consideration of your product against the eligibility and selection criteria for technology appraisal and highly specialised technologies. Please see section 4.1.4 and section 6.2.1 of the NICE health technology evaluation topic selection: the manual for more information on the eligibility and section criteria for technologies. As a licence extension of TA743 Crizanlizumab for preventing sickle cell crises in sickle cell disease covering a new population (children) your product is eligible to be incorporated into the NICE Managed Access guidance update of TA743. However, as the guidance update of TA743 is not scheduled until approximately 2025 NICE has agreed with NHS England that your product can be covered by the Medicines for Children policy until the guidance update has taken place, meaning that a technology appraisal is not required for the above indication. NHS England will update its eligibility criteria and the data collection agreement will be updated to reflect that the same data will be collected for this population to support the guidance update.
ID number 10766

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