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About this manual

About this manual

About this document

This document describes the methods used in the development of NICE social care guidance. It will be updated as described in section 1.9.

Nothing in this document shall restrict any disclosure of information by NICE that is required by law (including in particular, but without limitation, the Freedom of Information Act 2000).


Nicola Bent, Liz Eckles, Nicole Elliott, Sarah Garner, Alastair Fischer, Jasdeep Hayre, Kim Jeong, Prashanth Kandaswamy, Kirsty Maclean Steel, Val Moore, Bhash Naidoo, Peter O'Neill, Lesley Owen, Michael Raynor, Mo Ray, Gabriel Rogers, Julie Royce, Beth Shaw, Jane Silvester, Tony Smith, Nick Staples, Lorraine Taylor, Nichole Taske, Daniel Tuvey.

The following groups have also contributed to the preparation and development of this document:

  • Centre for Clinical Practice

  • Centre for Health Technology Evaluation

  • Centre for Public Health Excellence

  • Health and Social Care Directorate

  • Public Involvement Programme

  • Publishing team.


We gratefully acknowledge NICE's Centre for Clinical Practice and Centre for Public Health Excellence for permitting use of their published manuals as a basis for this manual.

Produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

First issued April 2013

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