NICE process and methods

6 Conduct of an appeal

6.1 Will there be a hearing?

The decision to hold an oral or written appeal will be made following discussion with the appellant(s). Appeals may be conducted using a written process if this is fair. This is more likely for appeal points that are discrete and/or where few points are in dispute.

6.2 Dealing with conflicts of interest

None of the members of the Appeal Panel will have had any previous involvement in the technology appraisal or highly specialised technology being appealed against. Before being appointed to the Appeal Panel, members must declare conflicts of interest in accordance with NICE's conflicts of interest policy. NICE will ensure that no member of an Appeal Panel has any interest that may give rise to bias. Once appointed, the Appeal Panel acts impartially and independently of any party involved with the technology appraisal or HST topic, including the advisory committee. If an appellant believes that a member of the Appeal Panel has an interest that means that he or she may favour or disfavour the submissions of any appellant, they should inform the Chair of the Appeal Panel within 10 working days of receiving the letter listing the relevant Appeal Panel members. In these circumstances, if NICE considers it necessary, it may change the membership of the panel.