Process and methods

7 Reviewing and updating

7 Reviewing and updating

Evidence summaries are correct at the time of publication and are not routinely reviewed and updated. The date of publication is stated, with a reminder to consult the British National Formulary and summary of product characteristics for up-to-date information on the topic.

They may be updated in exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • if the evidence base is changing quickly and this affects the place in therapy

  • at the request of the organisation commissioning the topic, if evidence is identified that may mean changing a commissioning policy.

Sometimes an evidence summary may be withdrawn, for example:

  • if NICE technology appraisal guidance or a NICE guideline on the topic is published

  • if an unlicensed or off-label indication reviewed in an evidence summary is granted a marketing authorisation. The medicine will then be considered as a potential topic for NICE technology appraisal guidance in line with those processes.

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