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7 Appendix: search strategy for Medline (Ovid Platform)

7 Appendix: search strategy for Medline (Ovid Platform)

Search strategy for Ovid MEDLINE ALL 

exp coronavirus/ 

((corona* or corono*) adj1 (virus* or viral* or virinae*)).ti,ab,kw. 

(coronavirus* or coronovirus* or coronavirinae* or Coronavirus* or Coronovirus* or Wuhan* or Hubei* or Huanan or "2019-nCoV" or 2019nCoV or nCoV2019 or "nCoV-2019" or "COVID-19" or COVID19 or "CORVID-19" or CORVID19 or "WN-CoV" or WNCoV or "HCoV-19" or HCoV19 or CoV or "2019 novel*" or Ncov or "n-cov" or "SARS-CoV-2" or "SARSCoV-2" or "SARSCoV2" or "SARS-CoV2" or SARSCov19 or "SARS-Cov19" or "SARSCov-19" or "SARS-Cov-19" or Ncovor or Ncorona* or Ncorono* or NcovWuhan* or NcovHubei* or NcovChina* or NcovChinese*).ti,ab,kw. 

(((respiratory* adj2 (symptom* or disease* or illness* or condition*)) or "seafood market*" or "food market*") adj10 (Wuhan* or Hubei* or China* or Chinese* or Huanan*)).ti,ab,kw. 

((outbreak* or wildlife* or pandemic* or epidemic*) adj1 (China* or Chinese* or Huanan*)).ti,ab,kw. 

"severe acute respiratory syndrome*".ti,ab,kw. 


limit 7 to yr="2019 -Current" 


Key to search operators 

Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) term 


Explodes the MeSH terms to retrieve narrower terms in the hierarchy 


Adjacency operator to retrieve records containing the terms within a specified number (n) of words of each other 


Searches the abstract field 


Searches the keyword headings assigned by authors field 


Searches the title field 

Truncation symbol (searches all word endings after the stem)