NICE process and methods

4 Topic selection

4 Topic selection

Selection and prioritisation decisions are informed by the NICE topic selection process and take into account the following criteria:

  • Needs of people using services. Factors might include:

    • the complexity of the issues or the number of options from which to choose

    • whether or not the decision is likely to have life-changing or irreversible consequences

    • the value of a visual representation of the absolute chance of benefits or harms.

  • Other unmet need, such as unwarranted variation in access to the treatment or care options.

  • System priority, such as how frequently the decision is likely to be encountered by patients and users of services.

Selection and prioritisation will also take account of the availability of evidence on which to base a decision aid and available NICE resources.

If a decision aid has been commissioned by an external organisation, a process for topic selection is agreed as part of the commission arrangements.