NICE process and methods

10 Guidance Executive

The Guidance Executive of NICE comprises NICE executive directors, centre directors and the communications director. The Guidance Executive considers and approves guidance and implementation tools for publication on behalf of the Board.

10.1 Guidance approval

When considering a guidance document for publication, the Guidance Executive assesses whether the guidance:

  • addresses all the issues identified in the scope

  • is consistent with the evidence quoted

  • follows the agreed process and methods

  • promotes equality and avoids unlawful discrimination

  • is cogent and follows the agreed template.

If any major issue is identified by the Guidance Executive it may be necessary to reconvene the Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) to address the problem.

The Guidance Executive does not comment at other stages during the development of guidance.

10.2 Consistency of NICE guidance

If technology appraisal guidance is incorporated into public health guidance, any proposed change in the wording must be discussed with the relevant appraisals committee and agreed by the Guidance Executive (see section 10.1).

10.2.1 Updating guidance

The Guidance Executive decides whether technology appraisal or other guidance is to be updated within public health guidance. It also takes the final decision about the need for an update of any guidance, including public health guidance (see chapter 11).