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What is the clinical effectiveness and safety of differing doses of lipid-modifying therapy in children with FH?

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There have been no published studies to establish target serum LDL‑C concentration in treated children with FH receiving lipid-modifying drug therapy. Treatment is recommended from 10 years onwards, however this lack of data prevents a recommendation regarding the aim of pharmacological treatment on serum LDL‑C concentrations.

Research (both cross-sectional and longitudinal) should assess the evidence of end-organ involvement (for example, carotid intima medial thickness [IMT]) to determine at which age abnormalities can first be seen in children. The aim would be to identify a threshold effect, with an LDL‑C concentration below which carotid IMT is normal and where thickening is absent, and above which it is abnormal and where thickening is observed. Outcomes should include fasting serum total and LDL‑C concentration, carotid artery IMT, and growth and pubertal development.

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Familial hypercholesterolaemia: identification and management
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August 2008

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