Health technology adoption team

The adoption team supports the uptake of new technologies recommended by NICE.

As part of the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) we work with the Academic Health Science Networks, the Office for Life Sciences, and NHSE/I to identify transformative technologies and implementation barriers. We use uptake and clinical engagement data to provide system learning and promote the adoption of new technologies.

Adoption support resources

We facilitate the adoption of prioritised medical technologies across the NHS by:

  • engaging with clinical teams, commissioners, patient groups and industry
  • gathering real-world experiences from health and social care organisations
  • identifying adoption barriers and solutions.

Each resource should be used in conjunction with the relevant NICE guidance.

Reference panel

Apply to be a member of our adoption and impact programme reference panel, which supports our system support and evaluation programme teams in the development of implementation tools.

For more information you can email the team.