Process timeline

If you think you have left it too late to seek scientific advice, contact us. We may still be able to help.
  • First contact

    You contact us to discuss your proposal. There may be a follow-up teleconference with a member of our technical team to discuss your requirements. We agree the timeline and send you a contract.

  • -wk6

    You sign and return the contract

    This happens approximately 6 weeks before the project starts.

  • -wk2

    You send us your completed project synopsis form

    This gives us:

    • an understanding of the topics you are seeking advice on
    • an insight as to the stage of development your product is currently in
    • opportunity to check that the questions you are proposing are clear and within scope.
  • wk0

    You send us your completed project briefing book

    This is the key document the project is centred around and includes:

    • your product's background
    • evidence to date
    • proposed trial plans
    • your questions with company positions.
  • wk5

    We circulate slides ahead of the clarification teleconference

    After discussions with relevant experts, we prepare slides showing the issues to be addressed in the teleconference.

  • wk6

    Teleconference to clarify the issues identified in your briefing book

    This is a teleconference between the NICE technical team and the company. It will last approximately 2 hours.

  • wk11

    We send the advice letter

Clarification stage (optional)

  • +2wks

    You can send us any clarification questions you have about the report

    These questions are to clarify the meaning of the advice and cannot be requests for new information.

    Further follow-up advice can be arranged for an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss any requirements.

  • +4wks

    We respond to your clarification questions

    Approximately 2 weeks later we will send a response, either in writing or via a short teleconference.