Life sciences: how to get your product to market

A positive recommendation from NICE sends a powerful signal to the health and care system that your product should be adopted.

We work closely with our system partners and industry to drive innovation into the hands of health and care professionals, to enable best practice.

How we can support you

Wherever you are in your planning process, our expertise can support you to: 

  • collate strong evidence
  • provide advice on NICE evaluation programmes
  • understand and connect with the health and care system
  • demonstrate the value of your health technology
  • get new and innovative technologies adopted quickly.

From early innovation and evidence generation to market access. We work collaboratively with industry partners along the whole product pathway and post-launch.

Get advice

Our NICE Advice service helps you optimise your approach at any point in product innovation and development, especially in the early stages. We can support you to:

  • understand your product route to market
  • review your development and evidence generation plans
  • identify what matters most to patients, as well as the health and care system
  • engage with the system during product development to support adoption and use.

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Tools to build a strong evidence base 

Find out more about: 

  • our evidence standards frameworks 
  • our AI and digital regulations service.

More information about using our evidence base tools

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NICE is such a big part of what the NHS listens to. It’s so important.
It was fantastic to have NICE guidance for our product saying this is the right thing to do.
Lisa Jones, product manager, cardiovascular diagnostics and services at Medtronic 

Get a technology evaluated

We assess the clinical and cost effectiveness of new health technologies, translating complex evidence into useful and useable advice and guidance for the health and care system.

The first step in technology evaluation by NICE is product registration:

Register a non-pharmaceutical product

The NHS Innovation Service helps developers get their health technologies adopted by the NHS. The service provides coordinated and bespoke support from leading organisations, including NICE, with experience, knowledge, and expertise in supporting healthcare innovations.

Register a pharmaceutical product

UK PharmaScan is a database of new medicines, indications and formulations in the pharmaceutical pipeline. It's used by horizon scanning organisations, including NICE, to help plan and prepare the NHS for the introduction of new medicines, and to support faster adoption. 

NICE plays an active role in delivering the Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP) and the Innovative Devices Access Pathway (IDAP).

These are designed to accelerate patient access to financially sustainable and effective medicines (ILAP) and healthtech (IDAP).

Developers of new medicines can submit licensing applications through the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) International Recognition Procedure (IRP). It allows the MHRA to consider the expertise of trusted regulatory partners in other countries when authorising medicines.

Companies considering this route should add relevant medicines to UK PharmaScan as early as possible to support the production of timely technology appraisal guidance.

How we've worked with life sciences companies

How we evaluate technologies

Find out how we choose which medicines and technologies we evaluate, the processes we follow and how we handle evidence.

Our health technology evaluation and topic selection manuals cover:

  • how we choose medicines and other health technologies to evaluate (topic selection)
  • the steps we follow in each evaluation (our processes)
  • how we collect and consider evidence (our methods).

Find published, in development and proposed evaluations:

Learn more about our guidance programmes and explore our broad range of evidence-based recommendations.

NICE is known for its rigorous, unbiased and objective approach. Overall, I thought it was an amazing process.
Campbell Rogers MD, executive vice president and chief medical officer at HeartFlow

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