Life sciences

What we do

We offer tailored support to industry during product development.

Our expertise can help you build the evidence needed to achieve market access. We can advise you about evaluation programmes and facilitate conversations with stakeholders. Our aim is to improve patient access to the best health and care innovations.

How we can help you

Wherever you are in your plans, learn how we can support you to:

  • understand the healthcare system
  • demonstrate the value of your health technology
  • get new and innovative technologies adopted as quickly as possible.

Engage with us

Identify and address gaps in evidence

Use our Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool to review any gaps in your product development and evidence generation plans.

Get advice about evidence generation

Our scientific advice service can help you develop evidence generation plans that capture what matters to patients and the healthcare system.

Understand market access challenges

Our Office for Market Access (OMA) helps companies to engage with NICE and the healthcare system during product development.

Learn how we evaluate technologies

Health technology evaluation and topic selection manuals

As health technologies advance, so too must our methods and processes for selecting and evaluating them. Our new manuals explain our approach.

Digital health technologies

We evaluate digital health technologies that offer the greatest potential to improve or transform health and wellbeing.

Our guidance programmes

Find out about our guidance-producing programmes, to help you understand which one would be most appropriate for your technology.

Get a technology evaluated

Innovative access pathways

The Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP) aims to accelerate the time to market and facilitate patient access to medicines.

NICE is working with partners to develop an equivalent pathway for medical technologies.

Register a non-pharmaceutical product

HealthTech Connect is a database of devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies intended for use in the UK health and care system.

It is a clear and simple point of entry for health technologies to access support and national evaluation programmes.

Register a pharmaceutical product

UK PharmaScan is a database of new medicines, indications and formulations in the pharmaceutical pipeline.

It is used by horizon scanning organisations to help plan and prepare the NHS for the introduction of new medicines, and to support faster adoption.

Find published and proposed evaluations


Guidance on measurements and tests used to evaluate a patient's condition.

Medical technologies

Guidance on medical technologies put forward to NICE by manufacturers.

Technology appraisals (TA)

Guidance on new and existing medicines and treatments in the NHS.

Highly specialised technologies (HST)

Guidance on the use of highly specialised medicines and treatments.