Our technology appraisal (TA) guidance makes recommendations on the clinical and cost-effectiveness of medicines and treatments. It helps to ensure that the NHS uses its resources fairly and effectively.

Since 1 March 2000 we have published:

963 technology appraisals.

These have resulted in:

1307 individual appraisal recommendations.

Each appraisal can have 1 or more recommendation and can contain more than 1 type of recommendation.

This page was last updated: 12 April 2024

Recommendations by type

Appraisal recommendations are prepared by independent committees. There are 5 types of recommendation they can make.

Recommendations made by technology appraisal committees since 2000

We approve the majority of medicines and treatments.

84% of our recommendations have been positive (recommended, optimised, or recommended for the Cancer Drugs Fund).

This means the medicines or treatments were approved either in line with their licence or with some modifications.

126 technology appraisals where recommendations could not be made in the absence of a submission from the company (known as a non-submission).

Appraisals published each year

Technology appraisal guidance published since 2000

Explore our appraisal recommendations

Technology appraisal recommendations (Excel document)

For each recommendation, you can find:

  • the appraisal number
  • year of publication
  • appraisal process
  • the name of the technology
  • the disease or condition for which the technology has been appraised
  • how NICE has categorised this recommendation
  • any comments.

An individual appraisal may contain more than one recommendation. In some appraisals, many technologies have been considered together, and a number of recommendations made. Each recommendation is summarised separately.