Our programmes


We use the best available evidence to develop recommendations to improve health and social care.

Our guidance takes many forms: NICE guidelines (clinical, social care, public health, medicines practice), technology appraisals, interventional procedures, medical technologies, diagnostics and highly specialised technologies.

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Our advice products consist of medtech innovation briefings and evidence summaries. They provide a critical assessment of relevant evidence to aid decision-making. They do not contain recommendations or hold the status of formal NICE guidance.

  • Medtech innovation briefings - objective information on device and diagnostic technologies to aid local decision making.
  • Evidence summaries - summaries of the best available evidence to inform local NHS planning and decision making.

Cost saving and resource planning

Use our cost saving and resource planning tools to plan ahead, explore opportunities for saving money and make decisions on the most effective way to use your resources.

Shared learning

Learn from other organisations and see how they implement NICE guidance locally.

Our library of case studies shows how our guidance is being used to improve the quality of health and social care.

Standards and indicators

Quality standards provide measurable quality improvements within a particular area of health or care.

We also develop indicators for commissioners and primary care.

Patient safety

Our role in helping to improve patient safety and reduce the risk of harm across the health system.

Managed access

Managed access allows patients to access promising new treatments that would otherwise not be recommended because it is too uncertain whether the treatment is cost-effective.