Search strategy and evidence selection

Search strategy and evidence selection

Search strategy

Medline (1946 to present) was searched with the following strategy on 24th October 2013.

1. exp Coronary Restenosis/

2. exp Coronary Stenosis/

3. exp Coronary Disease/

4. exp Coronary Artery Disease/

5. exp Myocardial Ischemia/

6. exp Acute Coronary Syndrome/

7. exp Angina Pectoris/

8. exp Myocardial Infarction/

9. exp Angioplasty, Balloon/

10. exp Angioplasty, Laser/

11. exp Angina, Stable/

12. exp Angina, Unstable/

13. exp Coronary Angiography/

14. exp Myocardial Revascularization/

15. exp Coronary Artery Bypass/

16. exp Percutaneous Coronary Intervention/

17. exp Angioplasty/

18. exp Stents/

19. exp Drug-Eluting Stents/

20. (coronary adj3 intervention*).tw.

21. exp Fractional Flow Reserve, Myocardial/

22. fractional flow


24. (pressure adj3 (wire or guidewire or catheter* or sensor)).tw.

25. (radi adj2 press*).tw.

26. (radi adj2 wire*).tw.

27. exp Random Allocation/

28. exp Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic/

29. exp Randomized Controlled Trial/

30. (randomi#ed adj5 trial).ti,ab.

31. (randomi#ed adj5 study).ti,ab.

32. randomly

33. (allocated adj2 random*).tw.

34. exp Meta-Analysis/

35. exp Meta-Analysis as Topic/

36. meta analy*.tw.

37. metaanaly*.tw.

38. (systematic* adj (review*1 or overview*1)).ti,ab.

39. (Cochrane adj2 review).mp.

40. or/1-20

41. or/21-26

42. or/27-39

43. and/40-42

44. 43

45. limit 44 to english language

46. limit 45 to humans

47. limit 46 to year='2003 -Current"

The initial search was not restricted to randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews and returned over 1000 hits in Medline and over 1700 hits in Embase. It became apparent that papers could not be quickly sorted by title and abstract, as there are many papers that compare the diagnostic accuracy of fractional flow reserve (FFR) with other techniques, use FFR as an outcome, or as a comparator, in addition to reviews and editorials. There were also several randomised controlled trials with large patient numbers. Therefore the formal search was restricted to randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews when searching large databases. The search was also restricted to after 2003, due to the availability of a good quality systematic review published in 2005 (Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) 2005).

Databases searched were MEDLINE, Embase, Cochrane Library, DARE (including CRD, NHS EED & HTA) and PubMed. A search was completed for ongoing clinical trials.

Evidence selection

The initial search resulted in 151 entries. It was performed by 2 independent reviewers based on title and abstract, and the following criteria:

  • Population: general cardiac interventions.

  • Intervention: FFR using PressureWire FFR devices to decide if PCI needed.

  • Comparator: standard care – angiography.

  • Outcomes: include all reported.

The initial search resulted in 42 papers (including 1 duplicate). These were obtained as full text. A second selection was made by one reviewer, and checked by a second reviewer.

The final selection included clinical information from 2 systematic reviews and information on 4 randomised controlled trials (in 8 papers). A further 4 papers were selected for economic information. In addition 1 systematic review and 1 retrospective registry analysis were identified informally and were included.

Table 12: Papers included in systematic reviews



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