Expert commentators

Expert commentators

The following clinicians contributed to this briefing:

  • Dr Anthony Leung, general practitioner, Badgerswood Surgery. Dr Leung is a partner of the Badgerswood and Forest Surgeries and is an adviser for the Wessex Academic Health Science Network, which has evaluated the technology.

  • Dr Christopher Roberts, managing director and consultant physician, UCLPartners Academic Health Science Network. Dr Roberts is involved in an ongoing evaluation of this technology.

  • Dr Jim Forrer, general practitioner partner, NHS Claremont Medical Practice. Dr Forrer has a non-financial working relationship with the company and has assisted them with grant requests and a project to test the technology.

  • Professor Anoop Chauhan, director of research and innovation, professor of respiratory medicine, consultant respiratory physician, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. Professor Chauhan is a chief investigator for a study that is evaluating the safety and accuracy of the technology.

  • Mr John Welch, consultant nurse, critical care and critical care outreach, University College Hospitals London. Mr Welch is involved in the EU Horizon 2020 Nightingale project to develop a patient monitoring system and has been involved in a monitoring development workshop.