Expert comments

Comments on this technology were invited from clinical experts who work in the field and relevant patient organisations. The comments received are individual opinions and do not represent NICE's view.

One expert had used the technology. The other 2 experts had not but were either familiar with the technology itself or the concept.

Level of innovation

All the experts considered the device to be innovative and novel.

Potential patient impact

All experts considered the potential patient benefits to be that the test was rapid and could avoid unnecessary antibiotic use. Two noted the benefits in COVID‑19. They suggested that patients with suspected COVID‑19 or acute respiratory illness could be quickly tested and symptoms treated accordingly.

Potential system impact

The potential system benefits identified by experts were avoiding unnecessary antibiotic use and its associated costs, and any resulting treatment costs. In COVID‑19 it could be used to quickly and effectively to triage patients with suspected COVID‑19. This could avoid unnecessary use of COVID‑19 treatment resources and facilities. One expert noted that the technology was convenient because no other equipment is needed to use it, such as an analyser. The expert stated that this makes the technology easier to use in a primary care setting and potentially in the community.

General comments

One expert noted their experience in an emergency department, where most patients identified as having COVID‑19 because of symptoms such as fever or cough were subsequently found not to have COVID‑19. This expert noted the potential benefits the technology could provide in COVID‑19 testing if used nationally. The same expert noted ongoing data collection and research they are involved in. They said that the technology can fail if insufficient blood travels down the sample collection tube. This can be hard to detect as the control line will still be present.