Clinical and technical evidence

A literature search was carried out for this briefing in accordance with the published process and methods statement. This briefing includes the most relevant or best available published evidence relating to the clinical effectiveness of the technology. Further information about how the evidence for this briefing was selected is available on request by contacting

Published evidence

No publicly available evidence was found about the use of U‑Drain.

Overall assessment of the evidence

Conventional evidence of clinical effectiveness covering a range of clinical outcomes would not be expected for a relatively simple technology such as U‑Drain, where the potential benefits relate mainly to improving user experience.

Studies would be useful to show the impact on quality of life as well as on selected clinical outcomes such as reducing infection risk.

Recent and ongoing studies

No ongoing or in‑development trials were identified from a search of clinical trial databases. The manufacturer has confirmed that 1 NHS trust is running a trial of the U‑Drain for people having automated peritoneal dialysis in the home.