Editorial amendments

Recommendation 1.1.1 cross-refers to the principles and protocols for intravenous fluid therapy section of NICE guideline CG174 intravenous fluid therapy in adults in hospital. However, the hyperlink goes to the introduction section of CG174; it will be changed to link to the principles and protocols for intravenous fluid therapy section of CG174.

The guideline currently has 3 footnotes related to unlicensed use in children and young people of the following intravenous fluids: glucose-free crystalloids; isotonic crystalloids with 5–10% glucose; and hypotonic solutions. These will be replaced by the following single footnote to ensure that all the many intravenous infusion solutions currently available in the UK are covered:

  • At the time of review ([Month] 2019), some intravenous fluid therapy preparations may not have a UK marketing authorisation for this indication in all ages of children and young people. Please refer to the individual summary of product characteristics for licensing information. The prescriber should follow relevant professional guidance, taking full responsibility for the decision. Informed consent should be obtained and documented. See the General Medical Council's Prescribing guidance: prescribing unlicensed medicines for further information.

The table 'Intravenous fluid types for children and young people' has a footnote which links to the British national formulary for children. However, the link goes to www.bnf.org – it will be replaced with a link to the section of the BNFc website on fluids and electrolytes.

The section of the guideline 'Intravenous fluid therapy in children and young people in hospital implementation: getting started' has the following issues:

  • The first paragraph states: 'We identified these with the help of stakeholders and guideline committee members (see section 9.4 of the manual).' However, the manual has since been updated and the link now directs to the wrong section of the manual. This will be amended to link to section 10.1 of the manual (subsection 'Approaches to additional consultation').

  • In 'Recording fluid and electrolyte status to ensure appropriate prescribing', there is a link to the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) in Northern Ireland. However, this has now been renamed Department of Health and has a new URL. This will be amended.

  • In 'Raising awareness of training and education resources' there is a link to the NICE online learning tool. This link is broken and will be removed.