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Title Consultation Type Consultation end date
Leg ulcer infection: antimicrobial prescribing Draft guidance consultation Antimicrobial prescribing guideline Type:23 July 2019 20190723
Heavy menstrual bleeding (QS update) Topic engagement Quality standard Type:31 July 2019 20190731
Pentosan polysulfate sodium for treating bladder pain syndrome [ID1364] Appraisal consultation Technology appraisal guidance Type:01 August 2019 20190801
gammaCore for cluster headache Draft guidance Medical technologies guidance Type:02 August 2019 20190802
Vaccine uptake in the general population Draft scope consultation NICE guideline Type:05 August 2019 20190805
Rapid tests for Group A Streptococcal infections in people with a sore throat Diagnostics consultation Diagnostics guidance Type:07 August 2019 20190807
Implantable cardiac monitors to detect atrial fibrillation after cryptogenic stroke Diagnostics consultation: 1 Diagnostics guidance Type:08 August 2019 20190808
Diverticular disease: diagnosis and management Draft guidance consultation NICE guideline Type:09 August 2019 20190809
Indoor air quality at home Draft guidance consultation NICE guideline Type:09 August 2019 20190809
Reducing the risk of transmission of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) from surgical instruments used for interventional procedures on high-risk tissues Interventional procedure consultation Interventional procedures guidance Type:22 August 2019 20190822