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Talking about NICE

Talking about NICE

Refer to NICE, not the Institute. Use we when you can. Using a possessive apostrophe is fine ('see NICE's technology appraisal guidance on…').

NICE guidance refers to all the guidance we produce that includes recommendations (including guidelines). NICE guidelines refers specifically to guidance for clinical, social care, public health and medicines practice topics. NICE advice refers to NICE publications on specific topics that do not include recommendations.

NICE committees are singular ('The committee discussed the evidence. It noticed that…'). Use committee members if you cannot reword the sentence any other way ('Committee members agreed that…').

Use capital letters when talking about directorates and programmes (Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, the Centre for Clinical Practice).

Use lower case for committees, groups, departments, products and job titles (appraisal committee, guideline committee, evidence review group, medical technologies advisory committee, publishing, facilities, finance, technology appraisal, project manager).