Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We're supporting the NHS and social care to respond quickly to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. We've brought together information that may help you.

Everything we've said relevant to COVID-19

Rapid guidelines and evidence summaries

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Rapid guidelines

These guidelines cover:

They're developed in collaboration with NHS England and NHS Improvement and a cross-speciality clinical group, supported by the specialist societies and royal colleges.

We're using a different approach to normal in order to develop these guidelines quickly and we’re keeping them under review.

More information about other topics we're looking at and how they are prioritised is available.

Rapid evidence summaries

These will look at whether certain medicines may increase the severity or length of COVID-19 illness.

We're reviewing:

  • ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used to reduce temperature and ease flu-like symptoms
  • angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors used to treat high blood pressure or heart failure.

We're also working with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Together we'll facilitate rapid review of information and advice on the safety and efficacy of treatments for COVID-19.

Medtech innovation briefings

These innovative technologies have been identified as being potentially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Changes to how we work

Our guidance is produced by advisory committees that include a lot of frontline NHS staff. During this crisis we do not want to take them away from their work caring for patients.

We're reviewing all the guidance we have in development and prioritising:

  • therapeutically critical topics, including all appraisals of cancer medicines
  • diagnosis of COVID-19
  • treatment of COVID-19.

We're working on revised timelines for all our other guidance that is not related to COVID-19 or therapeutically critical. We'll continue with development work on guidance where we can. There is some work we can do without committee engagement. We'll be in touch with our advisory committee chairs, members and stakeholders as soon as possible.

Technology appraisals

Diagnostics guidance

Interventional procedures guidance

Medical technologies guidance

Medtech innovation briefing

  • Chest imaging artificial intelligence technologies

This is a rapidly changing situation and we'll keep our approach under review.

Free scientific advice

We can provide free fast track advice for researchers developing novel diagnostics or therapeutics for COVID-19.

Our scientific advice service helps companies to optimise generation of evidence required for health technology assessment. 

Latest advice

Clinical knowledge summaries

These are concise, accessible summaries of current evidence for primary care professionals.

We've added some information about coronavirus - COVID-19 which is largely based on guidance from Public Health England.