Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We're supporting the NHS and social care to respond quickly to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. We've brought together information that may help you.

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Developing rapid guidelines

Rapid guidelines are developed with NHS England and NHS Improvement and a cross-speciality clinical group, supported by the specialist societies and royal colleges. They are developed quickly using a different approach to normal. We’re keeping them under review.

More information about other topics we're looking at and how they are prioritised is available.

Developing rapid evidence summaries

These look at whether certain medicines may increase the severity or length of COVID-19 illness. 

We're working with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Together we'll facilitate rapid review of information and advice on the safety and efficacy of treatments for COVID-19.

Free fast track advice for researchers

We can provide free scientific advice for researchers developing novel diagnostics or therapeutics for COVID-19. You can also read our draft guide on clinical evidence generation for COVID-19 medicines.

Changes to how we work

During this crisis we've had to adjust our normal methods of producing guidance and advice. Find out which topics we'll publish as planned.

Reuse or reproduction outside the UK

For our COVID-19 products we have waived our normal licensing requirements for international reuse or reproduction of our content.

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