Parkinson’s disease affects the brain and causes progressive symptoms, including tremor, which may be disabling. This procedure uses a special head frame that allows the delivery of focused ultrasound to a specific area of the brain (thalamus) under MRI guidance. The aim is to reduce the patient’s tremor.
Status Awaiting development
Technology type Procedure
Decision Selected
Reason for decision Anticipate the topic will be of importance to patients, carers, professionals, commissioners and the health of the public to ensure clinical benefit is realised, inequalities in use addressed, and help them make the best use of NHS resources
Process IP
ID number 1692

Provisional Schedule

Committee meeting: IPAC 1 09 May 2024
Interventional procedure consultation 24 July 2024 - 21 August 2024
Committee meeting: IPAC 2 10 October 2024
Resolution 15 November 2024
Expected publication 12 December 2024

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Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
08 February 2024 Committee meeting: IPAC 0
01 November 2023 Awaiting development. Status change linked to Topic Selection Decision being set to Selected

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