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About this information

NICE clinical guidelines advise the NHS on caring for people with specific conditions or diseases and the treatments they should receive. The information applies to people using the NHS in England and Wales.

This information explains the advice about the care and treatment of people with cancer of unknown primary that is set out in NICE clinical guideline 104.

Does this information apply to me?

Yes, if you are an adult with suspected or diagnosed cancer of unknown primary, including if you have been treated for cancer before.

In this guideline 'cancer of unknown primary' refers to a particular type of cancer, called carcinoma.

No, if you are:

  • a child (under 18) who has cancer of unknown primary

  • an adult with cancer, or are likely to have cancer, that has spread (also called metastatic cancer) with a known site of primary origin

  • an adult with cancer that is not carcinoma (for example lymphoma, melanoma, sarcoma).

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