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Early support and reassurance

Early support and reassurance

Information and advice

The healthcare team should explain to you and the child or young person that bedwetting is not the child or young person's fault, and they should not be punished or penalised for wetting the bed.

Support and information should be offered that are suitable for your family's needs and circumstances.

You should be given details of support groups and practical advice about reducing the impact of bedwetting, such as using bed protection and washable or disposable products.

If your child is under 5 years, the healthcare team should reassure you that bedwetting is common in children of this age.

Questions you might like to ask the healthcare team

  • What could be causing the bedwetting? Could it be hereditary?

  • Will my child grow out of wetting the bed? Is it just a stage he or she is going through?

  • How old should he or she be before I start to worry about it?

  • What can I do to help support my child?

  • Is there any additional support that I might benefit from or be entitled to?

(Please note that a child or young person may want to ask such questions for themselves.)

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