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Your health and social care team

Your health and social care team

The various types of care and treatment described here may be provided by a range of health and social care professionals. These could include GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists and community psychiatric nurses. All of these professionals will be trained and experienced in providing different types of care and treatment.

A member of your health and social care team should discuss social anxiety disorder with you and explain the assessments and treatments for it in detail. You should have the opportunity to ask any questions you have – there is a list of questions you might like to ask to help you with this.

You should usually be able to see a single professional or team of professionals throughout your care and treatment. If a change to your professional or team is necessary, this should be discussed with you beforehand, you should be given information about the changes and any disruption should be kept to a minimum.

Some treatments described may not be suitable for you, depending on your exact circumstances. If you think that your treatment or care does not match this advice, talk to your health and social care team.

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