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Transporting milk to the milk bank

Transporting milk to the milk bank

Milk bank staff should discuss with you how your milk will be transported to the milk bank. While some milk banks may need you to take it to them, some may offer to collect it for you using a transport company, such as a medical courier, or a member of their staff. It is important that your milk stays frozen while it is transported to the milk bank.

Questions you might like to ask the milk bank

  • How soon can I start donating milk after my own baby is born?

  • How often and how much milk will I be expected to donate?

  • Do I live near enough to a milk bank to donate?

  • Will my milk be collected from my home, and, if so, how often?

  • What help will I receive if I have problems expressing milk?

  • Can I still donate if I use herbal remedies?

  • Do I need to provide my own equipment to donate my milk?

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