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How long can I donate for?

How long can I donate for?

Milk bank staff should discuss with you how long you can continue to donate milk. There are some circumstances where you may need to stop donating, either for a short time or permanently. Milk bank staff should ask you to contact them to discuss stopping your donations temporarily if you develop a temperature or have been exposed to a virus that causes a rash, such as measles, chicken pox or German measles (also known as rubella).

You should also contact milk bank staff to discuss stopping your donations, either temporarily or permanently, if you:

  • start taking medication

  • develop breast lesions or infections, such as mastitis or herpes.

Milk bank staff may also discuss with you whether to stop donating if your donated milk continues to have high levels of microorganisms (such as bacteria) after you have been receiving support for this. The milk bank should give you as much advice and support as you need if you stop donating milk.

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