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NICE has assessed multiplex allergen testing (ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 and Microtest), in people with allergy that is difficult to diagnose, to help the NHS decide whether to use this product. The tests are to be used with existing allergy tests and information on a person’s history of allergic reactions.

NICE has said that ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 shows promise but more research is needed before this test is used in the NHS.

NICE did not recommend the Microtest because more evidence is needed.

Multiplex allergen testing uses one blood sample to test for antibodies to many substances at the same time. It may help in people with allergies that are difficult to diagnose, by finding out what the person is allergic to so that the right treatment is offered.

ISBN: 978‑1‑4731‑1859‑1

This page was last updated: 17 May 2016