4 Recommendations for further research

4 Recommendations for further research

4.1 Further research is recommended on:

  • The accuracy of EarlyCDT Lung, and the validity of the risk models used to combine EarlyCDT Lung results with the Brock and the Herder risk models.

  • The impact of EarlyCDT Lung on clinical management decisions.

4.2 A large retrospective audit is recommended to:

  • Understand how patient and nodule characteristics impact on malignancy prevalence and disease progression.

  • Understand current practice regarding clinical management of people with intermediate-risk lung nodules.

  • Determine the clinical consequences of CT surveillance, including the likelihood of disease progression during CT surveillance.

  • Determine the likelihood and impact of unnecessary biopsy or resection of indolent and benign nodules

    If existing data on these points is limited or not routinely collected, a prospective data collection should be undertaken to obtain it.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)