5 Implementation

5 Implementation

NICE intends to develop tools, in association with relevant stakeholders, to help organisations put this guidance into practice.

In addition, NICE will support this guidance through a range of activities to promote the recommendations for further research. The research proposed will be considered for developing specific research study protocols as appropriate. NICE will also incorporate the research recommendations in section 4 into its guidance research recommendations database and highlight these recommendations to public research bodies.

Exact Sciences, Myriad Genetics and Veracyte have offered their tumour profiling tests to the NHS under access proposals that make each test available to the NHS at a revised price. The proposal prices are commercial in confidence. It is the responsibility of the companies to communicate details of their proposal to the relevant NHS organisations.

The UK National External Quality Assessment Service (NEQAS) has launched a pilot scheme for tumour expression profiling in breast cancer. Laboratories processing the tests can register for the scheme through the UK NEQAS website or by emailing the provider at info@genqa.org.

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