4 Committee members and NICE project team

Committee members

This topic was considered by NICE's medical technologies advisory committee, which is a standing advisory committee of NICE.

Committee members are asked to declare any interests in the technologies to be evaluated. If it is considered there is a conflict of interest, the member is excluded from participating further in that evaluation.

The minutes of the medical technologies advisory committee meetings, which include the names of the members who attended and their declarations of interests, are posted on the NICE website.

Additional specialist committee members took part in the discussions and provided expert advice for this topic:

Specialist committee members

Dr Enya Daynes
Clinical academic physiotherapist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Professor Nicholas Hopkinson
Professor of respiratory medicine, Imperial College London

Tessa Jelen
Patient expert

Professor William Man
Consultant chest physician and professor of respiratory medicine, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Claire Nolan
Lecturer in physiotherapy, Brunel University London

Dr Nicola Roberts
Associate professor, Edinburgh Napier University

Alan Thomas
Patient expert

NICE project team

Each medical technologies guidance topic is assigned to a team consisting of 1 or more health technology assessment analysts (who act as technical leads for the topic), a health technology assessment adviser and a project manager.

Dr Xia Li
Health technology assessment analyst

Amy Crossley
Health technology assessment adviser

Dr Evan Campbell
Health technology assessment adviser

Elizabeth Islam
Project manager

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