4 Evidence generation recommendations

4.1 The committee recommended further evidence generation for children and young people with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety or low mood. Specific groups that also need further evidence generation include:

  • neurodivergent children and young people

  • children and young people with low mood only.

    The key outcomes that were prioritised by the committee for evidence generation include:

  • symptom severity: revised child anxiety and depression scale (parent-reported for children and self-reported for young people)

  • impairment measures: child anxiety impact scale and strength and difficulties questionnaire

  • health-related quality of life: CHU‑9D

  • level of user engagement

  • rates and reasons for stopping treatment.

The evidence generation plan gives further information on the prioritised evidence gaps and outcomes, ongoing studies and potential real-world data sources. It includes how the evidence gaps could be resolved through real-world evidence studies.